DCP – Garden Grill & Graduation

Hey guys!

So last week I did two super fun things. On Sunday I went to Garden Grill with my friends Ryan and Lexi. Garden Grill is the only rotating restaurant on Disney property; it is located in the Land and the food is made from ingredients grown downstairs in the Living With the Land exhibit. 

Garden Grill is particularly unique because it’s the only character dining location at which cast members can use holiday coupons. In October, all CM’s receive a booklet with coupons for 30%, 40%, and 50% off meals at participating locations, and since Garden Grill is so pricey ($45 flat rate before tip), it’s the perfect location at which to use a discount. 

I also attended my service celebration, which is basically a graduation ceremony for CP’s. The event included free food, a souvenir DCP shadowbox, rare character meet-&-greets (Dumbo was at ours!), and graduation ears. 

After the celebration, Beth and I went to Hollywood Studios, where we met Moana! Currently Moana meets in the back of One Man’s Dream. She was super sweet and funny. 

I only have two weeks left in my program, and I’m starting to get scheduled for 50-60 hour weeks because of Christmas (my location extended our hours, so instead of 11-9 we are now open from 10-10. I think this is pretty common). It’s going to fly by but I’m trying not to be sad yet!

Song of the day: Dear Theodosia // Hamilton

DCP – Garden Grill & Graduation

DCP – Winter Formal

Hi guys!

Every semester Disney hosts a formal event for the participants. Spring programs have Starlight Splash, and fall programs have the winter formal. Last night was my formal and it was so amazing!

This year it was held at the Coronado Springs convention center and themed to the 45th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom. There were a bunch of rare characters (Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Genie, Brer Bear and Brer Fox), as well as free pasta and nacho bars and a photobooth. 

The dance reminded me a lot of my high school proms. Everyone went all out, especially because most of our coworkers have never seen us out of costume. We all went crazy dancing. Disney put on an incredible party. Given what the event was it could’ve been super lame, but it wasn’t, so major snaps to the housing team for making last night spectacular. 

During your program I’d definitely recommend trying to give away your shift or get the day off on the day of the formal, but if you can’t, the event typically runs super late for that reason.

I have a month left in my program, but my best friend here won’t let me talk about it, so I won’t. 

Song of the day: How Far I’ll Go // Moana

DCP – Winter Formal