DCP – Acceptance

For the first time in forever, nothing’s in my way.

Because I got into the Disney College Program!!!

I was accepted as a quick-service food & beverage (QSFB) cast member for the fall 2016 program. I move on August 15 and will be there until January 5.

Numbers have always calmed me down. August 15. January 5. $354.50 DORMS fee. Because otherwise, I might cry more. I’ve already cried a lot.

So, future CP’s, here’s the lowdown.

  1. You get your acceptance letter!!! It doesn’t say in the email itself what your role is; the email links you to your program details, which include role, semester, and details on the Disney Look.
  2. You accept (or reject) your offer.
  3. Disney sends you another email to pay your DORMS fee. This is a Program Assessment Fee that I’m pretty sure goes towards housing. (Don’t freak out if this takes awhile to come. Mine only took five minutes but I’ve seen people wait hours.)
  4. You pick your arrival/departure dates.
  5. Only once you’ve completed those three things have you officially accepted your offer.

So yeah!! I’m moving to Disney World!! More info is sure to come over the next six months. When you wish upon a star, dreams really do come true.

(As a side note: people always, ALWAYS talk about how first-time applicants and freshmen shouldn’t expect to get in. I am both. If you are as well, please apply still!!)

Song of the day: First Time in Forever // Kristen Bell

DCP – Acceptance

DCP – Phone Interview

Hi guys! I recently completed a phone interview for the Disney College Program. I figured I would sort of expand on the role-specific questions they asked for any future applicants interested in the same roles I listed! My answers are in italics.


  • Why do you want to do attractions? (The attractions tend to be one of the most memorable parts of a Disney experience, and being such an instrumental element of that experience would be incredible.)
  • How would you handle telling a child he/she isn’t tall enough to ride an attraction? (I would use comparisons to Disney characters who had to wait, and reassure them that the wait flies by…I think this answer was kind of weak.)
  • Are you comfortable with long memorized spiels? (Yes, I used to act so I am used to memorization and speaking in front of crowds.)
  • Are you comfortable driving a tram? (No, I would prefer not to operate a vehicle…she assured me this was perfectly fine.)
  • Do you have a valid driver’s license? (Yes.)
  • Are you comfortable standing on the back of a tram and reciting spiels? (Yes.)
  • How would you handle a repetitive task? (This actually happens a lot at my current job at Starbucks, and I turn it into a little game. It makes my shift absolutely fly by and it makes the task really fun.)

Convention Guide

  • Name two countries in Epcot. (Italy and Mexico…you could also talk about France, Germany, Norway, etc.; there are many countries in the World Pavilion!)
  • Describe IllumiNations. (I struggled with this one because it’s been awhile since I saw IllumiNations but I described it as a celebration of global unity.)
  • How would you handle a question from a guest who is not part of your event group? (Every guest is equally important. I would answer the question as quickly and politely as possible.)


  • Why do you want to do custodial? (It is one of the roles with the highest guest interaction, and I definitely want to be able to interact with guests for the entirety of my shift.)
  • Are you comfortable working with cleaning supplies? (Yes.)
  • Are you comfortable lifting heavy trash bags? (Yes.)

PhotoPass Photographer

  • What is your experience with photography? (In middle school I took classes with a professional photographer and learned PhotoShop skills. In high school I took photography through Cambridge University and passed my AS-levels.)
  • How would you handle a guest who did not want to purchase a photo package? (I would treat them the same as any other guest; I would not act forceful or dismissive. I know many guests ask photographers to take photos using personal cell phones; I would be willing and cheerful to do this.)

Front Desk

  • Why do you want to do front desk? (There’s a commercial at the moment that presents the front desk and concierge cast members as fairy godmothers. I would love to play this role for the guests…I got very passionate and excited with this answer since front desk/concierge is my top role!)
  • How would you handle a guest who returned to a resort at the end of the day disappointed because a ride they wanted to ride got shut down? (I would provide them with a FastPass for the next day for that ride. If, for example, the ride is in Magic Kingdom and they have tickets to Animal Kingdom, I would upgrade them to a Park Hopper pass.)


  • How would you handle an accusation that you were playing favorites when seating guests in certain servers’ areas? (I would have a conversation with the accuser, and then go out of my way to be fair and equal when seating guests.)

Quick-Service Food and Beverage

  • Are you comfortable pushing heavy outdoor carts? (Yes.)
  • Are you comfortable working outside? (Yes; I have lived in Florida for a long time, so the crazy heat and rain are normal to me!)
  • Are you comfortable working with fast food equipment such as fryers? (Yes.)


  • Do you have any experience handling large sums of cash? (Yes, I do it regularly at Starbucks because I love working register and thus do it quite frequently.)

Vacation Planner

  • If a guest approached you about tickets for a weekend stay at Walt Disney World, what would you do? (I would inquire a little bit to see what kind of tickets they want, since there are Park Hoppers, Magic Kingdom tickets, Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios/Epcot tickets, tickets that include the water parks, etc. It all depends on the specific guest.)

Children’s Activities

  • If you had no toys or board games and needed to entertain children, what would you do? (When I worked as a theatre camp counselor I played a lot of improv games with the children; they loved them and I would definitely play those again.)


  • Are you willing and able to comply with the Disney Look? (Yes.)
  • Your application indicates that you can speak Spanish; please elaborate. (My parents taught me elementary Spanish from a young age; I took it all four years of high school and am now pursuing a minor…at this point I was told that should I be extended an offer, I will be asked to take a verbal test for a language badge for my nametag.)
  • How can the Disney College Program help you professionally? (I really intend to have a full career with the Walt Disney Company, as well as apply for a Professional Internship later on in college. I think the CP could open my eyes to roles I currently have no knowledge of, and I could figure out my path in the company.)
  • Talk about a time you handled a difficult guest. (I talked in depth about a guest who had complaints about Starbucks pricing and the lessons both the guest and I learned from the interaction.)
  • Which roles are you most qualified for? (At face value, QSFB and Seater, but my extensive guest experience has qualified me for pretty much any role involving guest interaction.)
  • Do you have any accommodation issues that would prevent you from performing any available roles? (No.)
  • Talk about a time you lived with a roommate and any issues you had. (At summer camp I lived with roommates and there were always the basic issues of cleanliness and whose space was where, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle with a little conversation.)
  • Have you ever lived with someone from another country? Were there any conflicts? (At summer camp I roomed with a girl from Chile; we had no conflicts.)
  • Are you comfortable living with someone from another country? (Yes, I think that would be so fun!)

Well, that’s all, folks! Sorry this was so long; hope it helps somebody!

Song of the day: What Dreams Are Made Of // Hilary Duff


DCP – Phone Interview