DCP – First Two Weeks

Hi guys!

So I’ve now been at Disney for slightly less than two weeks (thirteen days, if we’re gonna be extra specific) and it has been crazy, to say the least. After Traditions, I was trained in Operations, Food & Beverage, and Magic Kingdom general knowledge. On the job, I’ve learned about bussing and counter, and taken courses on Disney Dining Plans and the Disney Count (you’ll learn this if you’re in any position that handles cash). I’ve been constantly on my feet. My iPhone tracks my health stats, and my sleep time has been decreasing as my step count has increased by an average of ten thousand. 

But it’s all been worth it. 

The other night, I was sweeping the floors at work and interacting with some younger guests. At one point, a little girl from another family came up to me and started staring at me intensely. She then ran back to her mom and whispered something, at which point her mom looked at me, smiled, and said, “Yeah, honey, she’s a princess.”

When I got hired for this job, they told me I’d make magical moments. And I did just that, with another family later that evening. But that little girl created a magical moment for me, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. 

On a less sentimental note, if you’re a fall arrival, it probably won’t be long before you start thinking about the Halloween party, both attending and working. 

Attending: Cast Members get special rates on certain evenings in September. (Not all dates in September…the night my roommates and I could get off will not be the special CM rate…and no nights in October are eligible for this rate.) However, I believe the normal CM rate of 10% off tickets still applies if you decide to go on a different night. (Edit: for special events such as MNSSHP, MVMCP, and Night of Joy, the 10% discount does not apply.)

Working: You can pick these shifts up via the Hub, although I was informed that they generally go to MK attractions CM’s first. They require no training and you will get a special costume from Costuming. (I’ll touch on Costuming in a later post.)

Well, that’s all for tonight! I’m currently sitting on Main Street waiting for the Electrical Parade, since it’s moving to Disneyland in early October. If anyone has any questions about training or MNSSHP, feel free to reach out!

Song of the day: Us // Regina Spektor

DCP – First Two Weeks

August Favorites

Hi guys!

Today I’m doing something a little different from my usual content: an August favorites blog! This will just be a compilation of the things I’ve loved this month. 

White Chalk Paint

I’ve gotten pretty much obsessed with chalk paint lately. I use it to refresh all sorts of things, from the wooden crate I use to hold my tea to the mason jar I use for my toothbrush and toothpaste. It’s versatile and creates a worn-in-a-good-way sort of look. 

On Purpose – Sabrina Carpenter

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Girl Meets World fan, so when Sabrina (who plays Maya on the show) released a new single earlier this month, I bought it immediately and haven’t taken it off repeat since. 

Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Now that I work for Disney and am constantly on my feet (apparently I average about 6.5 miles walked per day now), little spa items like this are super useful at the end of a long day. This stuff smells awesome and exfoliates really well. 

Disney Parks mug

I bought this a few days ago in Hollywood Studios; I’d had my eye on it for awhile, but we got our 40% holiday discount early this year, so I decided to splurge! This mug has little doodles of trademark attractions from all four parks, and even if you don’t have a discount, it’s pretty inexpensive. 

Archer Farms pumpkin spice granola

This was in a care package from my family, and it’s the perfect pick-me-up after a closing shift (which, because I work at Magic Kingdom, can be pretty late). It tastes like all the coziness of fall, which (!!!) is just around the corner. 

Stranger Things

No August 2016 favorites list is complete without this, right? All of my roommates had Friday traditions but I had Saturday, so I watched this on the Friday. Yes. The whole thing. It’s almost weird if you don’t watch it in one day. It’s very Spielberg-y (Super 8, anyone?) plus the kids are adorable. 

Well, that’s all for today, everyone! It’s time for me to leave for work. Have a magical day and stay dry with these Florida tropical storms!

August Favorites

DCP – Cast Connection & Company D

Hi guys!

So today I’m here to talk about some unique shopping opportunities available to cast members. One of them is called Company D, which has many locations throughout Walt Disney World; I went to the Team Disney location (right across from Disney Springs). Company D sells cast member-exclusive merchandise, such as Walt Disney Company T-shirts, character lanyards, CM keychains, and discounted park merch. Other CM’s will always be able to spot you if you wear this stuff in the parks, and you can use your CM discount on top of the already-discounted prices!

The other store is called Cast Connections, which is located really close to the Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom area. Cast Connections sells significantly discounted merch that, for whatever reason, can’t be sold in regular merch locations anymore. (Today a lot of the stuff was Disneyland 60 themed.) There are two side rooms in Cast Connections; one is cast-only and sells broken or dirty merch at 75% off. My roommate got a broken light-up BB-8 keychain for $1, and I got a slightly dirty Yeti plush for $5. There is also property control, which requires no additional ID (it should be noted that Cast Connections does require a valid blue ID for entrance, but you can bring in a few family members or friends). Property control sells various items that used to be used in the resorts and parks. For example, they sell old resort sheets for 50 cents. 

I’ve loved taking advantage of these over the past few days, especially because this year we got our 40% discount early!!

Song of the day: Let It Go // Idina Menzel

DCP – Cast Connection & Company D

DCP – The Hub & Vista

Hi guys!

So I’m here today to talk about something that’ll be important during your career with Disney: the Hub! The Hub is Disney’s online cast member portal. Here you can do several awesome things, the most important of which is view your pay stubs and schedules. These will all become available to you during your training in your line of business. (Note: the scheduling is in military time. Try to familiarize yourself with it in the months before your program!)

The Hub also has details on CM discounts, as well as the dates on which CM’s have free access to Disney’s two water parks. If you’re doing fall, these dates generally end the last week of August. You can book discounted resort rooms through the Hub as well, which I did today. The discount will depend on the time of year, but today I booked a deluxe room in the Contemporary for my sister and me ($220 a night with discount) and a club room in the Boardwalk for my parents (~$550 a night with discount). 

Another important asset I learned about today is the Learning Center at Vista Way. Even if you don’t live at Vista, this is available to you, and you are allowed to park your car at Vista to make access easier. You are required to have attended Traditions in order to use the Learning Center, but it’s highly useful. It has a large number of Disney computers (some Hub features cannot be accessed through personal computers), and it functions as a library, with hundreds of books and any Disney movie you can imagine. (The non-Disney collection is pretty spectacular too.)

That’s all for today, folks! Today I just had food & beverage training and I park hopped a bit, but tomorrow is my park training at Magic Kingdom and I’m so excited!!

Song of the day: 1985 // Bowling For Soup

DCP – The Hub & Vista

DCP – Training & Parks

Hi guys!

Today I started my training with a class called Welcome to Operations. I think most CP’s will go through this class, since Operations is a blanket term that includes all food & beverage, merchandise, entertainment, custodial, and resort roles. 

Disney has four keys of service, and they are as follows in order of importance: Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. So it comes as no surprise that Welcome to Ops is incredibly safety-based! A lot of the info will seem like common sense but it’s all extremely important when you work in a place that gets millions of visitors every year. 

Important as all this information was, by 4:30 when my shift ended, I was dying to just go have some fun. So I drove out to Hollywood Studios, where I spent maybe an hour because I really just wanted to ride Rock’n’Roller Coaster. I think that’s one of the incredible perks of the DCP: I wanted to ride an attraction after work, so I just did, no worries!

After that I drove over to Epcot, where I finally rode Soarin’ Around the World. Soarin’ Over California was my favorite attraction, so the renovated version was on my bucket list, and it was so so so impressive!! I was open-mouthed the entire time. After that, I walked over to France and bought a macaron ice cream sandwich to eat as the sun set. 

Today was the first time this really felt real to me. So far I’ve loved interacting with my fellow cast members; they’re all so kind and I can’t believe I get to be part of their family. 

Song of the day: Welcome // Phil Collins

DCP – Training & Parks

DCP – Traditions

Hi guys!

So today was the big day: Traditions!! For those of you who don’t know, this is the orientation to the Walt Disney Company. Everyone who works for Disney goes through it. 

I can’t talk about it too much here, because what I can say for sure is that the best part was seeing the surprised reactions of my fellow new cast members who hadn’t heard about the orientation online. That being said, here’s what I can definitely tell you. 

  • Be ready to make some friends. They split you up in groups of ninety based on last name, then into smaller groups of five for participation activities. You’ll probably befriend at least one of your teammates. 
  • Be ready to have information repeated, especially if you really read your contract. They spend awhile talking about legal things, and it’s all stuff that was contained in your contract and can be found on the Hub. 
  • Be ready to cry. I can’t talk about it, but you’ll see. 
  • Be ready to wait. The wait for your blue ID (which gets you into the parks) is agonizing; so is the wait for your nametag. 
  • But be ready for it to be worth it. 

Tonight my roommates and I went to Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes and hit some attractions. Most of my roommates have 7 AM training tomorrow; I got lucky and don’t start training until 12:30. Tomorrow is Operations training, Monday is Food & Beverage training, and Tuesday is Magic Kingdom park training. It’ll be a busy few days but I’ll try to keep updating as much as possible!

Song of the day: White Houses // Vanessa Carlton

DCP – Traditions

DCP – Universal & Resorts

Hi guys!

So today was more of a leisure day, since only one of our roommates had an onboarding appointment today. This morning, April and I went to Universal Studios, where she got her annual pass. It used to be that you had to obtain proof of residence from housing before you could get a discount on Universal tickets, and housing won’t issue those until after Traditions. Now, the team members at Universal accept your housing ID’s as proof of residence, so take that into consideration!

The afternoon was very lowkey, except for some reservation switch-ups. One of our roommates got a stomach bug, so we decided not to do the Kitchen Sink tonight. But to avoid cancellation charges, April and I decided to go to Beaches & Cream anyway!

We’ve spent the last few hours at the Epcot resorts. The incredibly kind cast members at the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts showed us around the hotel rooms and gave us some great advice for our college programs, and we got to look at the Boardwalk in all its glory. 

Now we’re just waiting for our 9 PM Beaches & Cream reservations! Tomorrow we’re going back to Universal to ride the Hulk. 

Song of the day: If God Made You // Five for Fighting

DCP – Universal & Resorts