DCP – In Retrospect

I’ve been looking back on my college program a lot lately, because my departure day was 3 months ago today and I feel like overall the program truly changed my life, and I’m not sure I ever talked about it like I wanted to. 

I’ve always wanted to work for Disney, but I went into my program absolutely terrified. I remember spending the night before I left tossing and turning, scared I had made the wrong decision. This fear did not go away. It hung around until the end of my program. But the difference was that by the end, I had friends to talk to about it, friends who understood. 

The beginning of my program was like every DCP vlog you’ve ever watched. My roommates and I exchanged gifts and went to the parks and Universal and training. But honestly, the biggest turning point of my program was when I began to hang out with my coworkers. I went to Waffle House with a small handful, Ale House with another group, Not-So-Scary with a close friend, and then Horror Nights with the people who were to become my best friends. 

I feel like this night was a turning point, even though I still complain about how my friends made me go into every house. We call ourselves the bonnet babes (because we wear bonnets, and we’re all really hot) but that was the first night I really felt like a Part of Something. And that feeling remained throughout the rest of my program, on the nights I stayed up until 6:30 AM at Wal Mart with my friends and on the nights I cried because I thought I’d made a mistake going to Disney. My last week, I posted on Instagram that the bonnet made me a part of something, and it really did. It made me a part of this incredible group of people, and even now when I go back I’m welcomed instantly. My friend Beth says it feels like I never left, and it truly does. 

At the end of my program I became close to Miranda, who now is my best friend. We met her first week but never quite clicked until the end, and now I don’t know what I would do without her. That’s what Disney does, what the college program does. I can’t even believe anymore that there was a part of my life during which I did not know Miranda, and Lauren, and Bess, and Ryan, and Lexi, and Beth, and Emma, and all of the incredible friends I made. I feel like I’ve known them forever. 

This is, in essence, a thank-you blog for the people who made magic for me. You all did it every single day, whether it was by making me a Diet Coke or looking happy to see me or just being you. Everyone I met at Harbour House has the most special place in my heart, and I don’t tell them enough. So here you guys go. I love you. Never change. HAGS. Columbia Harbour House on deck until the day I die, y’all. Thanks for taking my life by storm. 

Song of the day: We Know the Way // Lin Manuel Miranda

DCP – In Retrospect