Hi guys!

So about a week ago (week ago) I went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party with some coworkers! This year’s party was super cool because Nick and Judy appeared for meet & greets, and Disney expanded from its usual cocoa-and-cookies route and switched up the complimentary snack offerings at every treat location. It was so fun and I actually preferred it to Not-So-Scary this year!

(Plus we got to hang around after everyone left the park so that was pretty cool.)

I also worked a treat shift the other night! You can pick these up on EHH if you’re food safety trained, or you may be actually scheduled for them (that’s what happened for me). You get to prep cookies and drinks, serve guests, greet guests, or stock. You also get to wear a hella cute costume, and I could see the parade from where I worked. 

Last but not least, I picked up a Fantasmic shift last night! It was an hour and a half and I picked it up through EHH (Extra Hours Hotline) on the Hub. I basically just got popcorn and pretzels for the cashier, but I could see the show from my stand so it was super fun. 

If you guys have any questions about the holiday party or EHH feel free to comment below!!

Song of the day: Out On the Town // Fun.


October Favorites

Hi guys!

So we’re into a new month now (November already??) and I decided to continue my monthly favorites. Even though I skipped September. Oops. 

This pic is kind of a two-fer, because I love both my new flannel and my new phone case. The flannel was about $23 at Target and boyfriend-style, which is awesome because it means I can fit my whole phone into the pocket. My phone case has Steamboat Willie on it and I got it in the parks for about $20 after my 40% discount. 

This sweet potato chili recipe comes from Target’s website. I made it for some friends the other night after work and it was definitely a hit. It’s not exactly cold in Orlando but it’s the perfect season for soups. 

I know. This song has been a thing for awhile. But there’s nothing else that gets me so pumped up before work, or that’s more fun to sing to with the windows down. 

I practically live at the Polynesian Resort. If I’m going to MK as a guest this is where I park, but it’s not uncommon for me to actually spend time here too. I love the lobby and the merch shops. My coordinator is having his wedding reception at ‘Ohana in January and I love looking at ‘Ohana and getting excited. I love the smell and the beach and the monorail stop. I freaking love the Polynesian. 

As far as Disney goes, there isn’t much to update on for now, but I’m going to the Christmas party on Monday and will most likely work a cocoa shift soon!

Song of the day: Greatest Time of Year // Aly & AJ

October Favorites