Birthday at Disney

About two weeks ago I turned 20, and because my birthday was on the weekend I figured the best way to celebrate was to go to Disney World!

Cast Members are all about celebration, so if you’re wearing a birthday pin (available at any merchandise location and, I believe, any quick service location) you’re bound to get a lot of free stuff. 

My day started off at midnight with my Harbour House friends at Splitsville, the bowling alley in Disney Springs (pro tip: it’s located right next to the Orange garage, so if you’re ending your night at Splitsville, park in Orange). Splitsville is one of our favorite hang-out spots because Cast Members get bowling and shoes for $6 per person after 10 pm. 

I also did Tiana’s Riverboat Party with two of my old coordinators. I frequently worked the party during my program, but I don’t remember if I ever talked about it here. It’s a separate ticket that allows guests to meet Princess Tiana and Naveen and view Festival of Fantasy from the Liberty Square Riverboat. You also get unlimited Mickey bars, soda, popcorn, cotton candy, and other snacks, all included with the price of admission. (Insider tip: before leaving the boat, stock up on the provided nonperishables. You won’t need to buy any other snacks all day.)

At night, we had dinner at Trail’s End, the all-you-can-eat buffet at Fort Wilderness. You can get there via a boat that departs from Magic Kingdom, and cast members get 40% off (annual passholders get 20% off). I particularly liked this because while they acknowledge birthdays with free strawberry shortcake and a brief announcement, they don’t sing to you (earlier in the day, we’d visited my old restaurant and, of course, they sang to us). It’s also easier to book large reservations here than at many other restaurants on property. While most restaurants maxed me out at 8 guests, I booked 10 at Trail’s End with no problem. 

Overall, spending a birthday at Disney is an incredible experience, and you’re bound to get a bunch of magical moments. This was my first time doing something like this and I hope to do it again next year. 

Song of the day: Guys My Age // Hey Violet

Birthday at Disney