DCP – New DORMS Process

Hi guys! I now have slightly under three months left until check-in, although for some lucky Fall Advantage participants the adventure started today. 

Anyway, I’m making this post to discuss some changes in the check-in process that my future roommates just sent to me; I think they’re really awesome and I’m glad Disney made these changes. 

In the past, participants didn’t know for sure which complex they would stay in and who their roommates would be until check-in day. They were allowed to submit preferences ten days prior to check-in via Disney’s housing portal DORMS, but nothing was set in stone until arrival. 

That has changed now! Disney will inform participants in advance of which complex they will be assigned to, and instead of everyone checking in at Vista Way (which was standard in the past), each participant will check in at his or her own housing complex. I think this will substantially quicken the process, not to mention reduce a lot of day-of anxiety!

Since I’m sure there’s a lot of un-updated info out there regarding DORMS, I figured I’d put this on the Internet for any future participants. These changes are in effect as of May 2016 so it’s pretty safe to say that if you’re reading this and plan on doing the DCP, this will pertain to you. 

Anyway, I’m hoping the next 90 days fly by, and I’ve already started packing a bit! See ya real soon!

Song of the day: Take on the World // Sabrina Carpenter

DCP – New DORMS Process