Hurricane Season at Disney

Hi guys!

So I was supposed to be in Disney World right now, but this little thing called Hurricane Irma decided to come barreling towards my beautiful state. Rude, right? Anyway, it seems as if a lot of people’s vacations sort of got destroyed by this turn of events. I was working for Disney when Hurricane Matthew hit Florida, so I decided to write a post on Disney’s hurricane policies. 

Closures & Cancellations

If it is deemed unsafe to operate, Disney will shut its doors. For Matthew in 2016, the four parks were closed for one full day, and closed early the day before. Disney Springs opened for business the night of the all-day park closures, but it was a madhouse. I heard of 3-hour waits for Splitsville bowling. (Note for CM’s: it’s very likely that you would be asked to work in this scenario, but it is not mandatory.) For Irma in 2017, all four parks, both water parks, and Springs are scheduled to be closed for two full days, with all parks experiencing early closures tonight.


Many people have said it and I agree: a Disney resort is one of the safest places to be during a hurricane. If you know you’ll be at Disney during a major hurricane, I would recommend keeping nonperishables in your room; while Disney does sell food in their resorts, it’s likely to be expensive and in high demand. But the resorts themselves are built to survive these things. 

Ride-Out Crew

Cast, this is for you. Ride-out crew typically stays in rooms at the resorts and is fed by Disney, as well as paid for their entire time riding out the hurricane (including OT pay). This can result in some pretty awesome paychecks, but the demand to be ride-out is high. It is very rare for non-resort College Program cast to be selected; PT/FT and resort cast are the first pulled for ride-out. If you are not pulled for ride-out, you will have those days off and typically you will not be paid. I’ve also seen CP’s get their days off switched to the hurricane days, resulting in them having shifts on their original days off. (I did not experience this but the Matthew closure took place on a Friday so there wasn’t much room for moving things around.)


If you know you’ll be here during a major hurricane, I strongly recommend moving your vacation. It is not fun to be in Florida during a storm like this because you will be surrounded by panic. If you decide to come anyway, buy water and nonperishables in your hometown and pack them because those items sell out so fast the second a hurricane is spotted. (Two hours after FL declared a state of emergency for Irma, my local Wal Mart had no water left.) If you’re renting a car or driving your own car, fill up whenever you can because gas shortages are also common. Park above ground and in a covered area if you can; many downtown locations will offer free parking in garages during hurricanes and you can Uber back to your resort. Bring portable batteries in case the resort loses power (unlikely but possible). Expect park closures and do not blame the Cast. 

Well, that’s all for now. Stay safe this weekend, guys. Florida will get hit hard but we’ll make it through. 

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Hurricane Season at Disney

Veg Disney – PizzeRizzo

Hi guys!

Disney (relatively) recently opened PizzeRizzo in Hollywood Studios, replacing what used to be Pixar-themed Pizza Planet with a Muppets-themed quick-service location. I ate there a few months ago and it was super tasty!

Basic info: PizzeRizzo is a quick-service restaurant located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It offers mobile ordering but no cast or passholder discounts. It is listed as costing $15 and under per adult. 

Kid’s Cheese Pizza

I always order kid’s meals at Disney because when you consider the two sides (which you can usually swap out at your preference) the portions are pretty filling, and they’re always cheaper. At PizzeRizzo, you get a small cheese pizza, two sides, and a kid’s drink for $6.49 (the adult portion costs $3 more). 

Vegetable Pizza

This is topped with mushrooms, peppers, onions, and tomatoes, and it costs $9.99. I didn’t try it but it is the only other vegetarian option so I figured it was worth mentioning. (If you’re looking for something healthier, order the $10.49 antipasto salad without ham.)

It’s a short one for today, but PizzeRizzo has a short menu! Have a magical week!

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Veg Disney – PizzeRizzo

Disney College Program – One Year Later

One year ago today I started my Disney College Program in Florida. So today is a day for reflection. I’ve been at Magic Kingdom all day and am staying until fireworks, and I’m finding memories in every corner. 

I’m grateful for the bad things that happened while I was here. I’m grateful for days I was on register for eight hours and I couldn’t sit up the next day because my back hurt so bad, and the days I wasn’t properly put into CDS so management forgot my break. I’m grateful for angry guests and guests that smelled bad and guests that didn’t speak English or Spanish. I’m grateful for the cast at my location with whom I never quite saw eye to eye. I’m grateful for the evenings I went home reeking of malt vinegar. I’m grateful for the day all our location’s culinary called out, we had a line out to Fantasyland until half an hour past closing, and I went home crying. I’m grateful for the times I had to convince guests they couldn’t get Be Our Guest reservations on Christmas Day. I’m grateful for the coordinators that couldn’t remember my name and the leaders that think I still work here. I’m grateful for bonnet headaches and getting my hair caught in my skirt zipper. 

Because without all that I couldn’t have the good. The days we were slow and made up dances to the music that played on the overhead speakers. New Year’s Eve, when we watched the fireworks together as a location and drank sparkling apple cider by the registers. Waffle House nights that lasted until 3. Watching the Christmas parade every single night. Being called a princess by little girls who thought any cast member with long hair and a skirt was a character. Free Mickey bars from management after the harder shifts. My first Four Keys card. My last Four Keys card. Bonding over bonnet headaches and rude guests and being register for the 65th day in a row. Everything had to be there, everything had to come together to create my program, the program that changed my life. 

A year after my arrival day, I am so different. We all are. But we’re different because we have each other, so we’ve changed for the better, in the end. 

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Disney College Program – One Year Later

Veg Disney – Be Our Guest

Hi guys!

Okay, I’m here today to talk about the Big One. Everyone wants to eat at Be Our Guest when they come to Disney, and fortunately it has some amazing vegetarian options. I haven’t gone for dinner since becoming veggie, so here I’m just going to discuss breakfast and lunch. 

Basic info: Be Our Guest is unique in that it is a quick-service restaurant for lunch and a table-service restaurant for dinner. Annual Passholders get a 10% discount for dinner, and Cast Members also get a discount at dinner. The menu items can run up to $35 per adult. 


Croissant Doughnut

You guys, this is so good. It costs $24 and comes with fresh fruit and a complimentary pastry tray. Combined with those two sides, it could be sweet tooth overload, so keep that in mind. You can get something like this (without whipped cream and chocolate sauce) way cheaper at the entrance to World Showcase in Epcot. 

Vegetable Quiche

This is also $24 but I think it’s a much better option. It’s also served with fresh fruit and a pastry tray, so there’s a lot more balance as far as flavors go. Also, this quiche is incredibly well done, especially when you consider that BOG is technically a quick service at this time of day. (Note: they sell a fancier version of this at lunch for about $15.)


French Onion Soup

Okay, I know this is an appetizer. HOWEVER. Vegetarian French onion soup is so incredibly rare because a typical recipe involves beef bouillon cubes, but Be Our Guest uses vegetable stock. This soup is very filling and only $6.49, allowing you to save financial room for…

The Grey Stuff

At lunchtime, the grey stuff is sold on a chocolate cupcake for $4.99. It’s not anything special (spoiler: the grey stuff is basically Oreo pudding) but you have to try it if you come to Be Our Guest. It’s the principle of the thing. 

Lemon Merengue Cupcake

Quite frankly, I preferred this over the chocolate cupcake. It costs the same but is a much lighter option, especially after a big meal. You just really can’t go wrong with pastries at Disney. 

Sorry for the long post today; I went to Be Our Guest three times on my CP and got something new every time so I had a lot to talk about!

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Veg Disney – Be Our Guest

Veg Disney – Satu’li Canteen

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to be spotlighting Disney’s newest restaurant: Satu’li Canteen in Pandora!

Basic info: Satu’li is a quick-service restaurant located in the Pandora section of Animal Kingdom. It offers mobile ordering through the My Disney Experience app, as well as the Disney Dining Plan; however, there is no discount for Cast Members or Annual Passholders. Menu items are $15 and under per adult. 

Crispy Fried Tofu Bowl

These bowls are fully customizable; pictured above is wild rice, fried tofu, garden slaw with (very strange-tasting) yogurt boba balls, and black bean chipotle sauce. You could also use fish as your protein if you’re pesca. The other base options are quinoa salad, potato hash, and kale salad; the other sauce options are onion chimichurri and herb dressing. 

While my dish was good…certainly head-and-shoulders above regular park food, not to mention easier to vegetarian-ize than just about anything else Disney sells…I also felt like I could’ve made it better at home for less money. But, of course, that’s the nature of eating in-park. I’d definitely still recommend this to guests who are more health-conscious or even just tired of eating french fries and Greek yogurt at every quick-service. 

Note: I see a lot of the blueberry cream cheese mousse on Instagram. It is beautiful and, unfortunately, not true vegetarian (it contains gelatin). To the best of my knowledge the chocolate cake is true vegetarian, but I didn’t try it and can’t vouch for the taste. 

Thanks for reading, guys! As always feel free to check out my Instagram and let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to try on my next trip!

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Veg Disney – Satu’li Canteen

Veg Disney – Chef Mickey’s

Hi guys!

Wow, it’s been awhile. So I’ve been running around like crazy (I was recently in New York, Connecticut, Asheville, and Orlando, just to name a few places) and haven’t had time to write. 

But today I’m coming to you with the place of my childhood monorail-riding dreams: Chef Mickey’s!

Basic info: Chef Mickey’s is a table-service restaurant located in the Contemporary Resort next to Magic Kingdom. It is all-you-care-to-eat and a character dining experience featuring Mickey & friends. Breakfast is $41 flat rate and dinner is $50, but cast members and annual passholders get discounts here. 

Chef Mickey’s offers a HUGE amount of vegetarian offerings. As with most Disney buffets, fresh fruit can be found in abundance. There are also omelette stations, pastries, pancakes, various kinds of potatoes, and, of course, the legendary Mickey waffles. The biscuits are incredible, as are the chocolate chip pancakes. Honestly everything is incredible. I would strongly recommend this to vegetarians because there really is something for everyone. 

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Veg Disney – Chef Mickey’s


Hi guys!

So I was sitting around getting ready to write this week’s Veg Disney post (yes, I know I missed last week, but I was in Connecticut visiting my best friend from my CP) when I realized: I’ve been to Pandora three times and haven’t written about it yet!

So, without further ado, here’s a list of my favorite things about the newest creation from the Imagineers. 

Flight of Passage

Yo. Words can’t describe how much I love this ride. I have a self-imposed rule that I won’t wait in any standby line that’s more than 25 minutes long, because after alternating between CM and AP for so long I just don’t see the point. But I have waited two hours for this ride, TWICE. That’s how you know. It’s fun and the graphics are incredible and it truly takes your breath away. Please, even if you’re a privileged crap like me who refuses to wait in lines, wait for this one, especially because unless you’re staying on property, you’re not gonna get a Fastpass. 

Night Blossom

So this reminds me a lot of the violet lemonade from Flower & Garden, except it’s full-sized and has those fun boba balls on it. I don’t like to buy snacks at Disney too often because I think they’re overpriced but this is absolutely worth the splurge. I’ll be doing a blog on Pongu Pongu at a later date, but for now all you need to know is that the night blossom slush is worth the price. 

Floating Mountains

I just think they’re pretty and that the physics behind them are incredible. Totally Instagram-worthy, if you’re into that. 

That’s all for today, guys! I’m going to try to go at night in two weeks (I tried last week but flights to Florida were delayed. I can’t even begin on the airport nightmares of the past two weeks) and take tons of pictures then. If you’d like, follow me on Instagram to keep up more regularly!

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