Veg Disney – PizzeRizzo

Hi guys!

Disney (relatively) recently opened PizzeRizzo in Hollywood Studios, replacing what used to be Pixar-themed Pizza Planet with a Muppets-themed quick-service location. I ate there a few months ago and it was super tasty!

Basic info: PizzeRizzo is a quick-service restaurant located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It offers mobile ordering but no cast or passholder discounts. It is listed as costing $15 and under per adult. 

Kid’s Cheese Pizza

I always order kid’s meals at Disney because when you consider the two sides (which you can usually swap out at your preference) the portions are pretty filling, and they’re always cheaper. At PizzeRizzo, you get a small cheese pizza, two sides, and a kid’s drink for $6.49 (the adult portion costs $3 more). 

Vegetable Pizza

This is topped with mushrooms, peppers, onions, and tomatoes, and it costs $9.99. I didn’t try it but it is the only other vegetarian option so I figured it was worth mentioning. (If you’re looking for something healthier, order the $10.49 antipasto salad without ham.)

It’s a short one for today, but PizzeRizzo has a short menu! Have a magical week!

Song of the day: Falling (Whethan Remix) // Opia

Veg Disney – PizzeRizzo

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