Planet Hollywood

Hi guys!

This past week I went back home to Disney, and two of my old coworkers and I decided to try the newly renovated Planet Hollywood Observatory. Planet Hollywood has been a staple of Disney Springs since the time of Pleasure Island, so I was interested to see how they revamped it. 

For me, the best part was the movie memorabilia. Planet Hollywood used to be a 3-D collage of memorabilia, with everything kind of haphazardly pinned to the walls or suspended over guests’s heads. The new arrangement includes about four stories of varied glass display cases, organized by movie. The top floor, intended for events, has memorabilia encased in the tables too. 

The menu comes straight from the mind of Guy Fieri, so everything is extravagant, to say the least. Pictured above is my meal, a pimento mac’n’cheese grilled cheese with triple fries (basically three kinds of fries covered in seasoning that we decided was some kind of barbecue flavor). It was good for sure, but not exceptional. My friend Emma got the chicken and really liked it. 

The star of the show was definitely the supernova shake. They have three kinds: chocolate, cake, and candy. The three of us shared the chocolate one and couldn’t finish it. They’re $14 a pop so I’d definitely recommend splitting, or going to Planet Hollywood just for dessert. 

My next trip will be after spring semester and I’m hoping to try all sorts of new stuff then!

Song of the day: Paris // The Chainsmokers

Planet Hollywood