Disney College Program – One Year Later

One year ago today I started my Disney College Program in Florida. So today is a day for reflection. I’ve been at Magic Kingdom all day and am staying until fireworks, and I’m finding memories in every corner. 

I’m grateful for the bad things that happened while I was here. I’m grateful for days I was on register for eight hours and I couldn’t sit up the next day because my back hurt so bad, and the days I wasn’t properly put into CDS so management forgot my break. I’m grateful for angry guests and guests that smelled bad and guests that didn’t speak English or Spanish. I’m grateful for the cast at my location with whom I never quite saw eye to eye. I’m grateful for the evenings I went home reeking of malt vinegar. I’m grateful for the day all our location’s culinary called out, we had a line out to Fantasyland until half an hour past closing, and I went home crying. I’m grateful for the times I had to convince guests they couldn’t get Be Our Guest reservations on Christmas Day. I’m grateful for the coordinators that couldn’t remember my name and the leaders that think I still work here. I’m grateful for bonnet headaches and getting my hair caught in my skirt zipper. 

Because without all that I couldn’t have the good. The days we were slow and made up dances to the music that played on the overhead speakers. New Year’s Eve, when we watched the fireworks together as a location and drank sparkling apple cider by the registers. Waffle House nights that lasted until 3. Watching the Christmas parade every single night. Being called a princess by little girls who thought any cast member with long hair and a skirt was a character. Free Mickey bars from management after the harder shifts. My first Four Keys card. My last Four Keys card. Bonding over bonnet headaches and rude guests and being register for the 65th day in a row. Everything had to be there, everything had to come together to create my program, the program that changed my life. 

A year after my arrival day, I am so different. We all are. But we’re different because we have each other, so we’ve changed for the better, in the end. 

Song of the day: Logo Te Pate // Moana soundtrack

Disney College Program – One Year Later

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